Top 4 Vehicles To Hire For Group Trip In Rwanda

There is no journey with more adventure and fun than a group road trip, coming together as family, friends, students or work mates to visit a particular destination is always a trip to remember. Get ready to bond relations, get closer to people you love as make new friends along the way.

Booking accommodation and a rental car to transport the group are two major items on the planning list. Rwanda is a small country with destinations easy to access on road, you will need to get a suitable group vehicle if you plan on visiting a park, village or any other destination in Rwanda.

Rwanda Car Rental Services offers a wide range of cars for hire in Rwanda including vehicles for group safaris , student trips, research projects and business meetings. We present to the top 3 vehicles ready to fit between 8 to 30 passengers comfortably.

Coaster Bus – The mid-sized van is one of the most requested group cars in Rwanda carrying a maximum of up to 30 people. Features a high roof with roof racks and well spaced seats. Some coaster buses have a TV set to entertain the passengers during the road trip.

Safari Mini Van – This customized 4×4 car is the perfect car for group safaris in Rwanda. Seating between 6 to 8 people, it’s the ideal group vehicle for small families or friends on vacation. The safari van can handle tough terrain with AC , fridge box and adequate space for cargo in the rear.

Bus – The big bus can carry up to 80 people and is the perfect vehicle for large groups for example tourists on convention meeting and students on school road tour in Rwanda. Buses offer roof racks for passenger cargo plus a side boot for heavy luggage that wont fit in the passenger compartment.

Super Custom – Another mid-sized van manufactured by Toyota, the Hiace is a the ideal van to hire for leisure and business tour around Kigali city. The van features a sun-roof with comfortable seats in a well air-conditioned interior not to mention the spacious cargo space in the rear.

Are you a tour leader looking for the perfect transportation for your group safari in Rwanda , the above four vehicles should be on your list. We at Rwanda Car rental Services can offer you any of the above cars along with a driver at affordable rates, just let us know the dates you wish to travel plus number of people and we will arrange a suitable car.

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