February 27, 2024

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Kigali City You Should Visit

Also known as a land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is one of the most charming countries in Africa due to the existence of the countless rolling Hills that supplement the natural beauty of this small nation. Kigali is the Capital city of Rwanda and one of the extremely exceptional places to explore in Rwanda. Kigali City was established in the Centre of the Country therefore it is very easy to access it from other countries by Road.  Rwanda is neighbored by the countries like Uganda, DR-Congo, Kenya and Burundi among others.

Apparently, Kigali city is ranked among the cleanest, fast-growing and extremely organized compared to other cities of Africa. Kigali city is the central hub of culture, art and transportation in the Land of a thousand Hills. The 1994 genocide did not only demoralize the country for a long but it also gave way to unit and development in Rwanda. The war helped to rebuild the country afresh, economically, socially and politically. 

A guided Kigali city tour offers you the chance to taste a great transformation in Africa. The city is home to impressive number of attractions as well as the natural beauty that has not been explored by the majority of tourists that travel to the country. various visitors use Kigali city as a hub point to country’s tourist destinations.

In this Article, we present to you are the top tourist attractions in Kigali city that inspires to take get around the amazing Rwanda city. A city tour in Kigali gives you an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of attractions that situated with in outside the city. Here are top fascinating attractions in Kigali ;

1- Mount Kigali

Mount Kigali is the highest Hill with in Kigali City and hiking is one of the thrilling tourist activity that is enjoyed by a number of tourists. It stands on am elevation of 6000 feet above sea level. The mountain is  hiked from Nyamirambo close to the sun city hotel in Kigali. When you hike to the summit of Mount Kigali, you get an insight to explore the scenic mesmerizing beauty of Kigali city and the surrounding environment.

2- Kandt House Museum

Also known as Natural History Museum, Kandt House Museum historical site that was renown home to the first Belgium Colonist known as Richard Kandt who is credited for his committed service during the establishment of the Rwanda City.

3- Hotel Mille des collines

The hotel becomes famous after 1994 Rwanda genocide when a huge population of Tusi were able to survive death from the genocide. This hotel acted as a hiding place for many Tusi that were trying to save their lives. Ever since then, the hotel has become on of the outstanding tourist attraction in Kigali city. The famous drama movie Hotel Rwanda depicts what really happened during the genocide days.

4- Belgian’s Soldiers’ Memorial site

The memorial site was established to honor and commemorate the Belgian soldiers that were killed in this place while trying to offer security to president Habyarimana’s wife called Madame Agathe Uwiligiyimana. And they shot Belgian Soldiers, Madame Agathe did not escape the survival of these bullets. And when you take visit to this place you meet with bullet holes at the site that demonstrate how the president’s Wife Madame Agathe was killed.

5- Sainte Famille Church

This is a catholic church where many Hutu and Tutsi used to hide during the Rwanda genocide war. Unfortunately the priest was bribed and he got involved in the Killing of these people with the order of the armed Hutu Killers. And this scenario, a lot people had to convert to Islam.

6- The Presidential palace Museum

The museum houses the remains of the aircraft where President Habyarimana assassinated which increased the grudge between the Tusi as well as the Hutu thus leading to the Rwanda Genocide.

7- Gorilla statue

This exhibits the highlights of the famous Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda that is carried the might Volcanoes national park. The place has a statue of two gorillas which is the male and female gorillas.

8- Kimironko Market

This is a local market that has a wide variety of local food staffs. A tour to the local market allows you an insight explore a diversity of local foods such as; fresh vegetables and fruits, meet with the local people carrying out trade and learn more about their interesting cultures.

9- Gaddafi Mosque

This is one of the impressive architectural building situated in Nyamirambo. The building was constructed by former president of Libya called Gaddafi. The Islamic center was named after him to honor his great work in developing the Islamic community. The Gaddafi mosque also has a clinic, school as well as the community Centre.

10- The  Nyamirambo Women’s Centre

The workshop Centre located in the suburb of Kigali city and it was established in 2007 by a group of Rwanda women that were tied of gender violence in the past. The Nyamirambo Women Centre has played a big role in fight against gender violence in the City. It also offers English training and computer lessons to all the its Victims among other creative skills that have helped a lot of women to manage their homes.

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