February 26, 2024

Rwanda Car Rental Services

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Car Rental FAQ’s

Are you planning for an adventure safari, project trip or a visit to family and friends in Rwanda soon? If you want a safer, quicker and more reliable travel experience, then it is advisable to hire a car and move with no worries about issues faced with the use of public transport. Buses and taxis from the park terminals and stages can sometimes spend lots of time on the way due to several stop overs, they also do not know when u are in a hurry but all these and more are dealt with by renting a car from a trusted car hire company. During the process of hiring vehicles, a lot of questions are asked and some of them include the following;

What is the age limit for renting and driving a car in Rwanda?

Legally, one qualifies to hire and drive a car in Rwanda if they are 25 years and above, while te maximum age is 60 years.

What are the procedures for car hire?

There is an easy way to make reservations for our car hire services at a cheap cost regardless of where you are in the world. Simply book online by using our website. Inquiries are replied by our professional reservations team instantly. Alternatively, you can make a phone call via the provided numbers or reach our offices in Kigali if you are around or close to the town.

What are the payment channels for the car rental services?

Mumwe Safaris has various convenient payment methods to cater for everyone. There is an account for Pesa pal, visa card, Mobile money and bank transfers. You have a choice to use the most appropriate for you and a receipt showing your payment is offered.

Do you accept installment payments?

A car reservation is confirmed with a deposit of 30% of the car rental price. On the day of picking the car, you are required to clear the balance before receiving the keys to the vehicle.

Are there designated areas in Rwanda to pick up the car?

There are various locations in the country where you can pick up the car bu we highly recommend that you pick it from Kigali.

Can I drop the car in a different location?

We offer a one way service which includes return of the car to a station different from the original rental location. Depending on the place you want to drop the car, there is a fee charged to cater for transferring it to the hire station.

What do I need to drive in Rwanda?

During the process of booking the car, we let you know of the documents that must be presented in order to trust you with any car. You must show the original copies of your valid driving permit, passport and National Identification Card. We make copies of these documents a keep them with us.

Does the client have the option to choose automatic or manual transmission vehicle?

We have both automatic and manual cars that use petrol and diesel to operate and the choice is yours to select what you prefer.

Do you measure and cost each distance covered?

No, one of the benefits to enjoy when you hire our cars is unlimited mileage. As long as you are driving within Rwanda, you can go to any part of the country at no extra cost.

What is the cost of renting a driver in Rwanda?

We have professional drivers who are knowledgeable about almost every location, geography and other facts in Rwanda. You can hire a driver in Rwanda at a pocket friendly rate and enjoy an easy and insightful trip in the land of a thousand hills. The cost of renting a driver depends on the type of car hired and the destination of the safari.

There might be that other question that you are wondering about and hasn’t been answered above. We are still at your service to welcome all inquiries regarding travel in Rwanda and our car hire services. Planning to travel to or around Rwanda soon, make reservations for car hire by contacting us through info@rwandacarrentalservices.com, +256-700135510 or +256 414-699459.