February 27, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental In Rwanda

Knowledge has no maximum end and asking is one of the ways to improve one’s knowledge about something so because it may be the first time for one driving in Rwanda or the car is not self-owned, clients always ask a lot of questions about car rental in Rwanda to have clarity, improve confidence, especially for a self drive and to avoid traffic mistakes or accidents and below are the frequently asked questions by clients.

  1. QUESTION. What are the types of rental cars available in Rwanda?

ANSWER. There is a lot of fleet available ranging from saloon cars and luxury cars, to safari vans of different capacities and these include 4WD Toyota Rav4, Toyota land cruiser Prado, Toyota super custom, minivan and many more as required by our client.

  1. QUESTION. What requirements do I need to have for a car rental service in Rwanda?

ANSWER. You need to present a copy of your valid driving license and your national identity card to the offices of the car rental agency.

  1. QUESTION. What is the speed limit in Rwanda?

ANSWER. The speed limit in cities is 40km/h and 60km/h in provinces.

  1. QUESTION. What do I do in case of a car breakdown?

ANSWER. This is well laid in the car rental agreement presented to you to sign while handing over the car but immediate informing of the car rental agency is important.

  1. QUESTION. Can I extend my car rental period from the booked one?

ANSWER. Yes, it is very possible but you have to inform the car rental agency and payment for the extension time is made.

  1. QUESTION. Is it possible to return the rental car before the agreed time of hire expires?

ANSWER. Yes, it is possible but no refund will be made for the days the rental car has not been used.

  1. QUESTION. Where am I supposed to return my rental vehicle?

ANSWER. You can return the rental vehicle to your place of convenience as long as you inform the car rental agency in time such that we can come and receive it from you.

  1. QUESTION. Do I need to buy my insurance or it is included in the car rental charges?

ANSWER.  The company only provides insurance to cover the vehicle so you need to cater for your own insurance that will cover cases of loss of property or personal damage.

  1. QUESTION. Can someone else apart from me drive the vehicle?

ANSWER. No, but in case of any driving inability that may crop up during your safaris may be due to physical or emotional sickness inform the car rental agency and they will offer you a driver.

  1. QUESTION. Who is to pay the parking fees or traffic fines?

ANSWER. The hirer is solely responsible for the payment of all parking fees and any traffic offense fines.

  1. QUESTION. Who is to cater for the driver’s expenses in terms of food, lodging or shopping?

ANSWER. The company is responsible for all the driver’s trip expenses in terms of food or lodging so the hirer doesn’t need to worry about that. It is not compulsory but just polite to tip the driver with any amount according to your budget as a way of appreciating his services offered.

For any clarity needed or any more questions you may have about car rental in Rwanda, contact our head offices via email info@rwandacarrentalservices.com or call directly via +256414699459 or +256700135510.