July 17, 2024

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Self Drive Terms and Conditions in Rwanda

Many people love to enjoy Self Drive tours than the chauffeur driven trips. But it is important to learn and understand the required terms and conditions of a self-drive car rental in Rwanda. in this article, we are more than delighted to present to you the self-drive terms in condition in Rwanda as follows;

Clarification of whether a self-drive or chauffeur car rental

Your car rental company has to indicate clearly confirming whether you are hiring the vehicle on a self-drive or chauffeur driven services. On this note therefore, you take the responsibility of making personal communication with the rental company and this saves you from misunderstandings between the two parties.

Time frame hire

It is important to provide your service provider in Rwanda with the detailed information about how long you are hiring the self-drive vehicle for your trip and the date of return.

Know the exact type of car your renting

The self drive agreement must mention the exact type of car you are hiring and this should be included in the contract. Every detail about the car is included in the agreement to avoid confusion and returning another car that was not given.

Mechanical state of the car

Always endeavor that the car you are hiring is in a good mechanical state. This gives you an opportunity to have a successful hiring process for your trip. Therefore, be inquisitive to know the mechanical condition of your self-drive rental in the contract. While sighing your agreement look out for things like third part insurance and when the car was last serviced.

Hiring price

Endeavor that the overall price quotation for the rental car is included in the hiring contract to avoid disagreements at the end of the safari which might either cost the service provider or the client. The price quotation should be easy to calculate for both parties.

An international driving licenses

To qualify for a self-drive car rental in Rwanda, you are required to own an international driving permit that has lasted for at least two years in operation.

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