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Lake Burera and Ruhondo – The Twin Lakes of Rwanda

The two scenic Lake Burera and Ruhondo are worth a visit if you happen to travel to Rwanda’s northern region. They are located close to Volcanoes national park in Northwestern part of Rwanda. Formed as a result of volcanic activity, the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo are situated just below Mount Muhabura. This is where River Nyabarongo used to flow towards Ndorwa when lava from Muhabura volcano many years ago blocked the river to form the twin lakes. They are separated by a 1km wide strip of land.

Lakes Burera and Ruhondo of Rwanda are found between Musanze and Ugandan border. Their presence make views of this region much more spectacular. Taking a walk around the shores of the lakes is one of the ways to explore the beauty of this land. You can as well stop over during your transfer from Rwanda to Uganda or vice versa.

Areas around the twin lake and on the surrounding hills are perfect for birding. Lots of water birds are spotted. If you enjoy hiking, then you can do it here. Most hills are steep and therefore some visitors prefer to navigate through the tracks up to the accommodations situated on the hill tops. Wherever you watch while staying at the lodge is stunning, plus the cool breeze from the lakes make the stay enjoyable.

Lake Burera and Ruhondo cover a surface area of about 2800ha. They have a swamp known as Rugezi, always flourishing throughout the year and support an incredible birdlife including cormorants, herons, kingfishers, darters, storks and hammerkops among others. Rugezi swamp is an Important Birding Area in Rwanda.

Excursions at the twin lakes of Rwanda

Boat ride: cruise on the waters of Burera and Ruhondo for sightseeing. Make sure your camera has battery so you don’t miss capturing the spectacular backdrops of the endless hills.

Some parts of the shores are cultivated and they still give the area a green beautiful look.

Fishing is carried out on the lakes by local people. They use traditional fishing methods including use of hooks and movement in self made canoes. Some of these fishermen are seen along the shores and others found on the lake.

A visit to Burera and Ruhondo twin lakes can be after gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, Musanze caves tour or from Iby’iwachu cultural village for the cultural tour.

There are a lot of places for accommodations in Musanze inlucing lodges, hotels and guesthouses covering services for budget, midrange and luxury travelers.

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