Top Things to Consider When Renting A Car In Rwanda In 2022

Getting a car for hire from a car rental company can be an easy thing today but remember that not all service providers in business are always on track. Some have really smart procedures and policies and look forward to offering services worth every coin. Meanwhile, you have got to be keen and avoid lousy companies that could only be interested in making money and just give substandard services. Wondering how you can help yourself go over this? Here are the top things you should check in detail when you decide to rent a car in Rwanda in 2022.

Fuel policy

It is very important to get an insight of the fuel policy of the car rental company that you choose to travel with because different companies’ policies differ. Some companies go by the policy full to full where you have to pick the car with a full tank and return with full tank, full to empty where you pick the car at full tank and return it empty although this is a rare policy. Some companies will ask you to only pay for the fuel consumed.

Different payment options

A car rental company that offers more than one option for payment is considerate and favorable. And it is wonderful that most Rwanda car rental companies offer about three payment options including online options like MasterCard and Visa and paying by cash to the service provider.

Cross border policy

For travelers planning to drive beyond the borders of Uganda, you are advised to go with a company that already has a policy and allows their cars to serve this. There are a number of companies in Rwanda that permit cross-border hires but this requires written permission and also calls for added charges. You can inquire about the cross-border policy from the company.


One more crucial thing is to understand the pricing of the car rental services; in other words, know what the price includes. You may get surprised at how small the price is, not knowing that it actually covers few things. Ask the company about anything that you feel anxious about; what the price includes, whether it covers fuel, insurance, tax and others.

Age restrictions

Age restrictions are a must for every company but the question “what is the maximum and minimum age for car rental”. Most of them restrict car hire to persons 20 years of age and above.  Therefore, when planning to hire a car in Rwanda, ensure to ask about the age restrictions before going through other processes.

Whether you want a car for self drive or with a chauffeur, these things above are important to look out for when renting a car in Rwanda. They will help you enjoy your trip. For more information about car rental services in Rwanda, contact us through or call the reservation team on +256-700135510 / +256 414-699459.

Luxury SUV Bridal Cars for Hire in Rwanda

SUV is a jargon in the car world and an acronym for Sports Utility Vehicle. These cars often have 4WD, sit high off the ground and look fearless. They are bold and feature a wider interior plus a powerfully built exterior. Previously, SUV were known to be customized for outdoor activities. However, today there are luxury SUV that amazingly suit special events like wedding.

You are planning for your big day and you are a big lover of an SUV? Let us offer you an exclusive fleet of SUV bridal cars for hire in Rwanda you can choose from;

Range rover

A fleet of Range rovers on a wedding event make an executive convoy. They are extra ordinarily eye catching and very elegant. Manufactured by Land rover, the range rover is a mid-sized SUV designed with a unique body from most car types. The car has a wide interior which is also very smart and cool. It features FM radio, DVD player and MP3. Hire a range rover for your wedding and travel like a king and queen.

Land cruiser V8

The land cruiser V8 is a stylish 4X4 vehicle manufactured by the Japan based popular automobile; Toyota Motors. It is a midsized luxury SUV with a pretty exterior that looks beautiful in photos and videos. Getting into its interior; it features comfortable seats, a wide leg room and a generally big space that will help the bride sit comfortably and lay along her bridal gown.       

Mercedes G- Class

The G-Class, also known as the G Wagen is another luxury 4X4 vehicle built with an impressive a box-like body. The car is manufactured by Mercedes Benz. It features a beautiful interior with smart comfortable seats. Since this type of car is not a common ride on the roads in Uganda, a convoy of them will leave the locals stunned.

The above car types are the best SUVs in Rwanda that will give you that special luxury feeling on your wedding day. However, we have a long list of luxury bridal cars that will offer give you a remarkable moment on your important day. They include the limousine, Mercedes C Class, S Class, E Class, Mercedes Convertible and vintage cars. For bookings, send an email to or call the reservation team on +256-700135510 / +256 414-699459.

Top Factors That Affect Car Rental Prices In Rwanda

Planning for a Rwanda trip this season and perhaps you are looking at how best you can have it smooth?  One of the crucial things to consider is the rental car and you can best prepare for it after knowing the rental price. It is a good way to start your trip in the right car knowing that you got it at a worthwhile price. Different Rwanda car rental companies have different prices for similar cars and also the same company could charge different prices for the same kind of car. This is due to a number of factors which include the following;

1- Car category

One of the major factors that affect the price of rental cars is the category of the vehicle that you wish to rent for your trip. Cars categorized under the small SUVs and saloon cars are more affordable compared to the 4X4 station wagons, minivans and other luxury cars. And the car you hire depends on the purpose of the trip and the number of travelers plus your destination.

2- Car engine

Depending on the kind of engine of the car, you will be required to use a specific type of fuel. Therefore, you need to choose a car with an engine with efficient fuel consumption. Comparing diesel engines to petrol-fueled engines as these are the most used; diesel engines prove to be better. It is advisable therefore that you can save money by hiring a car with a diesel engine.      

3- Car brand         

Car enthusiasts know very well that car brands from Germany, US and UK have higher prices than those from China and Japan. The brands are popular and known for their high value on the market, as their mileage, durability, use and style are greater. For business trips, safaris and research projects, most car rental companies offer Toyota brands. On the other hand, luxury cars such as range rover and Mercedes are customized for special events and luxury travel.

4- Company reputation       

A rental car company that is already well established and boasts great reputation offers high prices for their cars. This is as a result of the reviews from the past clients and their high quality of services. However, not all companies with high prices should be trusted, instead, take some time and read through the reviews of the company to know if they are a trusted company.

5- Season of travel

The high season in Uganda is characterized with increased number of tourists in the country and this means that most services including transportation are on higher demand. Because of this, most service providers increase the prices of their services, the same applying to rental cars. Booking a rental car during or towards such a season leads to payment of higher prices. You can travel during the low season depending on the purpose of the trip or alternatively book early enough.  

With the above few main factors known to influence car rental prices in Rwanda, we hope you can now make a confident decision when hiring a car in Rwanda this 2022 season. If you want to book with us today, simply send an email to or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with our reservations experts.

Top Rental Cars for Business Trips in Rwanda

Planning for a business trip in Rwanda this season? And perhaps you are looking for a car for hire for transfers to and from the location for meetings, conferences or probably to make any kind of transactions. After confirming the dates of your trip including your flights and the destinations within Uganda, next is to think about how you will move around conveniently during your trip. Business trips require cooperate travel and how to fulfill this is to rent a car from a trusted car rental company. Whether you want a car for self-drive or with a driver, for ordinary or executive business, you can get yourself an appropriate car for your business trip.

In this article, we bring you the best cars for hire in Rwanda that are suitable for business trips in Rwanda;


The Toyota rav4 is a somewhat small SUV car great for rides around town and in distant areas like upcountry. With a full-time 4X4 mechanism, the Rav4 is ideal for business trips in any part of the country, therefore it can do well even of the meeting is in a conference room in one of the safari lodges in one of Rwanda’s national parks. The Rav4 accommodates about 4 people including the driver.

Land cruiser

Car models of the Toyota land cruiser are a luxury option for your travel purpose. They include the Prado TX, V8, GX and VX. These cars are majestic and very stable on any kind of road in Uganda. They feature a full time 4WD mechanism, enough space for luggage and comfortable seats. Land cruisers also portray a high class before your client, business partner or colleagues.

Toyota Premio

This is a simple yet classy sedan car that is easy to ride on a well paved road. These cars are the cheapest rental cars in Uganda. Travelers get amazed at the car’s friendly fuel consumption. It economizes fuel being a good option if you plan to travel or ride a lot during your trip. With a carrying capacity of 4 and enough space for luggage in the rear compartment, Toyota premio has a cozy plus beautiful interior.

Range rover sport

The range rover is a stylish luxury car that will offer ultimate comfort throughout your trip. This 4WD car is mainly suitable for trips in the city and around town. Our range rovers are in perfect condition to allow you enjoy a smooth ride. It features a neat interior, wide leg room and big space for luggage in the rear area.

Super custom

The super custom is a modernized van customized for small groups of up to 6 people. Also known as the Toyota super custom, this vehicle has a pretty interior that features well cushioned seats that are also adjustable, a wide leg room and cargo space in the rear. The Toyota automobile is suitable for rides both around towns and to remote areas.

Planning for a business trip in Rwanda this season and you are looking for a perfect car for hire? We at Mumwe Global Safaris have a wide range of cars to offer awesome experiences of your trip. Book for your rental car in Rwanda today by sending us an email through or call our reservations desk on    +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.  

How To Book A Gorilla Permit In Rwanda

The experience of coming upclose the majestic mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is more than just incredible. Of the three countries where you can see mountain gorillas in Africa, Rwanda is known for its luxury gorilla safaris. The other two countries where you can go for the gorilla trekking adventure are Uganda and the DRC.

In Rwanda, gorillas are found in volcanoes national park located in the north western part of the country. It is part of the Virunga Massif and can be perfectly accessed by road with a 4X4 safari vehicle. The park has 11 habituated gorilla families and about 88 gorilla permits are made for each day.

How to book your gorilla permit in Rwanda

Note that there is no single safari company in Rwanda that sells gorilla permits directly. Instead, they book on behalf of tourists by booking with Rwanda Development Board which is the government body in charge of selling the permits.  

Requirements for booking Rwanda gorilla permit

Copy of a valid passport

The gorilla permit is booked with the identity of the traveler. Therefore they are required to submit a copy of a passport valid at least 6 months from the travel date.

Date of trekking

When inquiring about the gorilla safari in Rwanda, the traveler is required to submit their dates of travel. This helps us to find out the availability of the gorilla permits since they are normally on high.

Age limit for trekking; 15 years and above

To go trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park, one must be 15 years of age and above.

Transfer of the fee in 24 hours

Clients are expected to transfer a percentage of the safari price for reservation of their permits. After hearing from RDB about the availability of the permits on specific days, it is important to get them booked early otherwise, they could be sold off leading to interference of the safari plan.  

The gorilla trekking adventure

After briefing, expert trackers and guides lead the tourists from the starting point- the park headquarters in Kinigi into the forest to look out for the apes. Once spotted, you are allowed to stay with them for an hour and thereafter get back to Kinigi.

Rwanda is an incredible choice for gorilla trekking and is mostly known for offering luxurious gorilla safaris. Whether you want to have this awesome adventure with your family, friends or solo, expect a wonderful experience in Rwanda. For safari bookings, get in touch with us through

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