July 17, 2024

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Top 5 Benefits Of Airport Transfers In Rwanda

Welcome to Rwanda Car Rental Services, one of the leading car rental companies in Rwanda offering reliable and comfortable car rental services in Rwanda with the best rental cars and car hire price throughout the year. We offer reliable Kigali airport transfer services, meeting and picking up travelers in Rwanda and transporting them to and from the Kanombe airport. Pre-book private airport transfers in Rwanda to your hotel, home address, business address, round trips and one way trips with our esteemed reservations team for anytime of the day and we take the initiative to track the flight and follow up on the arrival and departure flights for all our pre booked clients.  

Below are some of the benefits of choosing private airport transfers over the unreliable and un-trusted public transportation services in Rwanda.

Wide Area Coverage

One the main benefits for choosing our private pre booked airport transfer is that we offer a wide coverage of transportation in the country.  Be free to book an airport transfer from Kigali  to anywhere in Rwanda and vice versa.

Flight Monitoring

We do free flight monitoring services for all our booked airport transfers at no extra charge in case your flight has delayed. Many of the travelers get disappointed in cases of flight delays but with flight monitoring, there is no chance to miss anything.

Waiting time

Take your time after landing through the baggage area because you have a driver waiting on you privately. Enjoy free waiting time up to an hour as you take time through customs and immigration.  

Pick up

Do not worry about how and when to reach or leave the airport, your driver is at stand by and on time for your transfer. Be very sure that we offer meet and pick up in any part of the country as longs there is pre booking. Reach to our office for the best airport transfer rates from any location of the country.

Discounted rates

When you book your airport transfer with our company, enjoy interesting rates for all transfers all year through the whole country. Save a lot on your travel to and from the airport between $30-$50 per transfer. We do not provide any shared services; we strictly offer the vehicle to one passenger or your party.

Whether you are traveling solo, family or group tours, we offer absolute airport transfer services for any size of travel. To book an airport transfer in Rwanda, send us an email at info@rwandacarrentalservices.com we shall be glad to  connect with you.