April 16, 2024

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Important Tips To Follow While In Rwanda National Parks

Rwanda is a gifted country with a number of features like beautiful cities, genocide sites, wildlife, mountains and many more that many tourists yarn to adventure on their trip to this country. The country is also known for its green nature both in the cities and provinces plus the numerous wildlife species that can find nowhere else. Top animals in Rwanda include primates, four of the Big Five, birds and all these are well gazetted in three main national parks Akagera, Volcanoes and Nyungwe national park alongside some game reserves. But as you enjoy the freshness of the national park alongside watching different games, put in mind these different tips such that you do not disrupt the inhabitants.

  1. Never drive off the game track lane

This can cause accidents and killings of animals or even being killed by animals like elephants as you drive in their premises.

  1. Do not invade the privacy of animals

Animals also need privacy so do not enter animal cages or get too close to the animals or even disturbing their young ones because this will make them suspicious and hence attack you.

  1. Keep silent

While in Rwanda national parks, do not make noise in any form like shouting, hooting or camera sounds. This is dangerous as these sounds may chase away the game of interest or frighten them hence attacking you vigorously in defense.

  1. Mind what you wear

Do not put on very bright and animal unfriendly colors like red or yellow as you head to Rwanda national parks because animals may identify you as a prey and attack you.

  1. Keep in the vehicle

Do not foot while in a national park because this is unsafe and you are on high chance of being attacked. Unless you are with your guide for chimpanzee or gorilla trekking, stay in your car, watch the game and take pictures and videos while there.

  1. Put flash lights off

Do not use flash lights for your phone or digital cameras because this annoys animals and they may ran away or come to attack you, so before you enter a national park, make sure you have set all your camera flash lights off.

  1. Leave little children and pets behind

Do not carry your babies and little children to the park because they acquire infections from the national parks or make noise for the animals. Pets are also not allowed because they may be feasted on by the inhabitants.

  1. Do not feed animals

Never try to feed animals because it may harm them may be because it is not what they are supposed to feed on, so leave the work of feeding to the game rangers. Feeding animals may also predispose you to attack as more others come yearning to share the eats too.

  1. Respect animals

National parks are known territories for animals so respect them once there for example if you find an animal asleep, do not bother invading its resting time.

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