February 27, 2024

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Top Local Cuisines In Rwanda To Try Out On Next Visit

Though Rwanda is a small country, it has a lot to discover right from its landscape, wildlife, and culture down to its cuisine. People in Rwanda are known to eat simple meals that do not have a lot of spices and they have several local unique foods that you don’t need to miss out on your next visit in Rwanda. These local foods can be found within city restaurants as well as safari lodges in the parks meaning you can fail to sample one or more.

Ugali: This is made of maize flour and hot boiled water mingled together commonly known as posho in English. This is a famous food in East Africa and the main food eaten in schools and companies with a large number of workers.

Ibirayi: This is prepared by cutting sweet potatoes into two pieces, spicing them and then deep-fried. Ibirayi is usually eaten with roasted meat.

Brochettes: This is another delicacy to enjoy in Rwanda as it is available in all restaurants both in villages and up markets. The meat can be goat’s meat, chicken, pork, or fish according to your choice and it is commonly eaten with plantain, Ibirayi or French fries.

Igisafuliya: This is an interesting dish that is comprised of chicken, plantain and vegetables, very delicious on taste. Try it out in one of the restaurants and you will have a story to tell back home.

Isombe: This is mainly pounded cassava leaves with eggplants and spinach. It can be cooked with groundnuts, meat or chicken to make more tasty gravy.

Ibihaza: This cuisine is a combination of unpeeled pumpkins that are cut into pieces and boiled together with beans.

Other commonly eaten foods include sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, green bananas especially plantain that are locally grown in the country and these can be eaten with beans, ground nuts or meat.

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