July 17, 2024

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5 Good Reasons to Rent A Car In Kigali With A Driver

Strategically situated near Rwanda’s geographical center in the rolling hills, valleys and ridges region is Kigali city– the capital and largest city in Rwanda. Kigali has been the country’s major economic, financial, transport and cultural hub since the early days of colonialism and became the capital after Rwanda’s independence in 1962. A good transport network that features well-paved roads and marked streets in Kigali city makes it easy to explore helps you easily link to other major cities, towns and parks within the country.

However, as much as Kigali city can easily be explored on a self-drive trip, you have to be cautious to avoid getting lost, falling victim of fraudsters or the wrong side of the law and that’s where a hired professional Rwanda driver comes in. Planning to visit the city for a safari, business or leisure road trip, we present to you 5 good reasons why you should rent a car in Kigali city over driving yourself around especially if it’s a first-time visit.

1- Comfort- Exploring Kigali in a rental car is more comfortable with a driver as compared to self drive trip. You will leave all the car chores to your hired driver including driving, fixing a mechanic problem, replacing a flat tyre and washing the car among other jobs that would unnecessarily inconvenience you during the road trip in the city.

2- Security – Another good reason to rent a car in Kigali with a driver is because it’s a much safer option than self driving in a place you are not familiar with. Though politically stable, the city is not the safest place to drive around in, especially for foreigners who are targeted by fraudsters, robbers as well opportunists. The driver will act as a bodyguard scaring off any culprits and also offering advice about places to avoid.

3- Itinerary planning– A hired driver will help you craft an itinerary choosing out the best city places to visit and most affordable hotels/ guest houses or apartments to stay in while on safari, business or leisure trips. Just sit back relax and let your driver do all the planning so you can enjoy your trip without much fuss about where to go and spend the night.

4- Routing– GPS and Google Maps are very useful direction gadgets or apps but not as accurate and up-to-date as a local Rwanda driver. You won’t need to worry about getting lost when you car rental Kigali with a driver as they are well versed with the best routes to get to any place within the city ensuring you arrive where you are going in time.

5- Car Knowledge- As much s you know how to drive that particular car type or brand you booked, there is no denying that a local driver knows the car better than you. The car may get a simple malfunction during the trip whcih can be easily fixed by a driver or requires little money to fix but you will overreact and take it to the nearest garage where you will be charged heavily unknowingly.

So if you are planning to self drive in Kigali city, then think twice and rent a car with a driver given the above 5 good reasons. We at Rwanda Car Rental Services have a team of well-trained drivers for hire in Rwanda ready to give you a safe, comfortable and informative road trip within the city, suburbs, villages and parks. To book a rental car in Kigali city and driver today, simply contact us now by sending an email to info@rwandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with our reservations team.

Bryan Muhoozi