February 27, 2024

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Top Rental Cars for Business Trips in Rwanda

Planning for a business trip in Rwanda this season? And perhaps you are looking for a car for hire for transfers to and from the location for meetings, conferences or probably to make any kind of transactions. After confirming the dates of your trip including your flights and the destinations within Uganda, next is to think about how you will move around conveniently during your trip. Business trips require cooperate travel and how to fulfill this is to rent a car from a trusted car rental company. Whether you want a car for self-drive or with a driver, for ordinary or executive business, you can get yourself an appropriate car for your business trip.

In this article, we bring you the best cars for hire in Rwanda that are suitable for business trips in Rwanda;


The Toyota rav4 is a somewhat small SUV car great for rides around town and in distant areas like upcountry. With a full-time 4X4 mechanism, the Rav4 is ideal for business trips in any part of the country, therefore it can do well even of the meeting is in a conference room in one of the safari lodges in one of Rwanda’s national parks. The Rav4 accommodates about 4 people including the driver.

Land cruiser

Car models of the Toyota land cruiser are a luxury option for your travel purpose. They include the Prado TX, V8, GX and VX. These cars are majestic and very stable on any kind of road in Uganda. They feature a full time 4WD mechanism, enough space for luggage and comfortable seats. Land cruisers also portray a high class before your client, business partner or colleagues.

Toyota Premio

This is a simple yet classy sedan car that is easy to ride on a well paved road. These cars are the cheapest rental cars in Uganda. Travelers get amazed at the car’s friendly fuel consumption. It economizes fuel being a good option if you plan to travel or ride a lot during your trip. With a carrying capacity of 4 and enough space for luggage in the rear compartment, Toyota premio has a cozy plus beautiful interior.

Range rover sport

The range rover is a stylish luxury car that will offer ultimate comfort throughout your trip. This 4WD car is mainly suitable for trips in the city and around town. Our range rovers are in perfect condition to allow you enjoy a smooth ride. It features a neat interior, wide leg room and big space for luggage in the rear area.

Super custom

The super custom is a modernized van customized for small groups of up to 6 people. Also known as the Toyota super custom, this vehicle has a pretty interior that features well cushioned seats that are also adjustable, a wide leg room and cargo space in the rear. The Toyota automobile is suitable for rides both around towns and to remote areas.

Planning for a business trip in Rwanda this season and you are looking for a perfect car for hire? We at Mumwe Global Safaris have a wide range of cars to offer awesome experiences of your trip. Book for your rental car in Rwanda today by sending us an email through info@rwandacarrentalservices.com or call our reservations desk on    +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.