February 27, 2024

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Rwanda Cuts Gorilla Permit Cost In Bid To Promote Tourism

The mountain gorilla is right up there with some of the most sought-after endangered species in the world, and the fact that these apes can only be found within three countries makes an encounter even more special. Uganda, Rwanda & Congo are the only destinations where you can track mountain gorillas in the world with Uganda hosting half the population followed by Rwanda which is home to up to 604 mountain gorillas. The majority of tourists love to do gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda over Congo given the latter two have an amazing range of other exciting tourist activities.

A gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda used to cost US$ 1500 for both foreign residents and non-residents but in a bid to boost tourism in Rwanda in 2023, the Rwanda Development Board has decided to reduce the cost of gorilla safari permits to just US$ 500 per person for foreign residents. The gorilla permit for East Africa residents will now cost US$ 200 per person while non-East African residents will have to pay US$ 500 to get their hands on a gorilla permit.

The reduction of Rwanda gorilla permit cost will attract more tourists hence benefiting the local communities that live close to the Volcanoes park as well bring in more income for the Rwanda government. This is really great news for East Africa residents and foreign residents as the cut means a gorilla safari will be more affordable giving chance to budget travelers to enjoy one of the greatest wildlife encounters on earth.

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