February 26, 2024

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How To Choose The Best Driver/Guide For Your Rwanda Trip

There are many things to consider in order for your Rwanda trip to be successful ranging right away from the money you have, number of days for the trip, destinations chosen up to the travel agency used. Apart from your fellow tourists, the driver/guide is one person that you will spend most of the trip with, as he usually goes with you to almost all your destinations included in the itinerary so he should be one that will not ruin your trip by giving you a headache. Usually, the travel agency used provides the best driver/guide for your Rwanda trip along with the car hired though you can choose to recommend the one you want but before doing so you need to consider the following qualities.

Car knowledge

Consider choosing a driver/guide with adequate car knowledge and having various car basics at hand like when to cool the engine, when to apply more oil to the engine, when to and not to apply brakes and how to drive through rough, slippery, smooth or steep roads. This knowledge should be accompanied by a valid driving license that allows him to drive on Rwanda roads and he should know the written and practical rules of Rwanda roads.


Any good driver/guide should be so flexible in all aspects ranging from the social to the professional aspect for example being able to deal with different clients whether young children, youth, adults or elderly in relation to their needs and maintaining a good relationship throughout the itinerary and thereafter. In cases where the client decides to make some changes in the itinerary, the driver should be able to cope up with ease and advise where necessary.


The driver/guide should report a good experience of driving along Rwanda roads, well versed with most of the corners of the country and this is a unique character to all our company drivers. You can also checkout the past reviews to evidence the experience one has due to the various positive comments towards the driver by the clients for the quality services provided.

Language diversity

Our drivers know a lot of languages that will help to ease your communication both to them and to the people in Rwanda as they will be able to make interpretation for you. They are fluent in different languages that include English, Luganda, Runyankore, Kiswahili, Rukiga just to mention but a few. Getting a driver that you cannot easily communicate with is something that will ruin your tour so get in touch with us to get drivers with good communication skills.

Time conscious

Our company drivers are the best to work with when it comes to issues concerning time management because they will always reach your suggested pick up points in the agreed time with no compromise at all. They do not deal in funny slogans of ‘African time’ so when you choose to use our drivers, do not expect to lose or waste any time of your trip due to the driver’s late coming. I assure you that all the game drives, city tours, transfers and all your planned activities will be done on time.

To rent a car and driver in Rwanda for a safari, business or lesiure road trip, simply send us an email to info@rwandacarrentalservices.com or you can call our head offices directly on +256700135510 or +256414699459 to speak with the reservations team.