February 27, 2024

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Top Attractions To Visit On Tour In Gisenyi

Gisenyi city is a wonderful city located in the western province of Rwanda in Rubavu district covering about 11 square kilometers in total and having multitudes of tourist attractions for you to encounter which include beautiful hotels, palm trees, campsites and gorgeous beaches. This makes it one of the cities you do not need to miss out while on your Rwanda trip as it has all that it takes to make your trip the best ever including the following below.


When we talk about nice hotels, Gisenyi has it all ranging from the middle class to the high class luxurious and executive hotels which include Lake Kivu Serena hotel, Stipp Hotel Gisenyi, Kivu Peace View Hotel and many more. All these have nice facilities that include recreation like swimming, tennis, trendy restaurants that serve all kinds of dishes, free Wi-Fi, spacious and self-contained rooms with comfortable king-sized beds, outdoor pool, gym services and many more.


It is still in Gisenyi that you will also find Lake Kivu, a large freshwater lake that has beautiful shores where you can relax as you enjoy the cold breeze while having a great encounter with the fishermen especially in the morning hours after their long nights of fishing. You will also be able to encounter the interesting culture of the Hutu and Tutsi people who reside around the lake.


Relax at the beaches, You cannot talk about Gisenyi city and keep the beach language aside because Gisenyi is a tropical paradise with many beautiful beaches most of which are located along Lake Kivu and these will make your day as you get chance to swim in the fresh waters, boat ride, sunbathe and enjoy playing games like volley ball, football in the sandy shores with friends and family.


Visit Bralirwa, also known as ‘Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwanda’ in French language which is the largest brewery and soft beverage company in Rwanda that was founded in 1957 and manufactures both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including beers like Primus beer, Mutzig, Guinness among others. If a lover of beverages, this is the place for you to visit as you will be able to purchase the kind you want directly from the manufacturer.

Plan to have your time in Gisenyi while on your trip to Rwanda and you will have a story to tell back home as you will get the best and most enjoyable time ever. For your bookings and inquiries, contact us on email rwandacarrentalservices@gmail.com or call directly at our head offices on +256700135510 for the best services.