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All About Kigali City Tours

Built on Mount Kigali the highest mountain in the area with an elevation of about 1850m is Kigali the largest and capital city of Rwanda. Kigali is strategically located right in the heart of Rwanda and has very good climate as compared to the other cities around the equator that is to say it is cooler throughout the year because of its high elevation which reduces the heat hence resulting into mild warmth instead of a lot of hotness.  It is split into three administrative districts which are Gashaba, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge. Have no worries while planning your Safari in Rwanda as the country is politically very stable and the people too are peaceful and welcoming.

Kigali’s beauty is overwhelming as it is a very calm and clean city surrounded by lush rolling hillsides, winding boulevards and colorful flowering trees. It is Rwanda’s transport network hub as it has a well developed transport system that is to say it has 15-minutes express bus routes to all the major towns in the country and an International airport known as Kigali International Airport which facilitates passenger flights to Brussels, Johannesburg, Entebbe, Nairobi and other cities hence easing movement for you while on your safari in Rwanda.


Kigali was founded by Dr. Richard Kandt in 1907 under German rule and since that time it has been the center of the nation-building efforts of Rwanda with a variety of both state and foreign investments despite the brutal and unspeakable genocides plus horrors of 1994. Currently Kigali is an absolutely safe safari destination with so many visitors/tourists coming in throughout the year for vacations, holidays and also to view the various tourist attractions in the city.


Kigali city has a variety of interesting places you can visit for example the tallest office and retail building of Rwanda known as Kigali city tower which was developed by a Rwandan businessman called Hatari Sekoko and opened in 2011. The Kigali museums are also among the major attractions in the city which include the State house museum and the Natural history museum both with amazing views over the city. Tourists can also embark on an emotional tour to Kigali Memorial Center where they will have a look into one of the most brutal massacres in Africa’s history, visit camp Kigali Memorial with 10 stone columns that mark the spots where the 10 Belgian peace-keepers were brutally killed on the first day of the genocide and also Nyanza Genocide Memorial in Kicukiro containing four mass graves with numerous wooden crosses as these graves are believed to have the remains of the 5000 Tutsi people who took refuge in Ecole Technique Officielle. Other places to visit while in Kigali also include the country’s first modern art gallery known as Inema Art Center which was opened in 2012 and the Muslim Quarter of Nyamirambo with a very vibrant and diverse neighborhood full of quaint pubs where you can hang out with friends while on your Safari in Rwanda.


Kigali city tours  are very exciting and memorable as the tourists enjoy various activities some of which include horse-back riding in the beautiful countryside, a walk around the city where you can visit the various bars, restaurants and shops, cultural encounters with the Hutu and Tutsi people who have a very rich and interesting cultural heritage, and a chance to explore the markets where you will meet different people selling a variety of food staffs and commodities. Shopping in the city malls can also be done for example in the craft shops for souvenirs.


Accommodation facilities in Kigali are evenly spread all over the country in order to ensure the comfortable stay of tourists in Rwanda.  Hotels in Rwanda favor all types of travelers they fit in all economies that is to say they are divided into super luxury, mid-range and low budget hotels. These include international standard hotels such as Kigali Serena Hotel, Hotel des Mille Collines, Umubano Kigali Hotel, Apartments such as St. Augustine Apartments, Guest Houses like Yambi Guest House plus so much more.

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