February 27, 2024

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9 Tips For A Safe Self Drive Park Safari In Rwanda

A self drive safari is simply where you plan your own journey, drive and spot the game by yourself without help of a guide. It is cheap and more comfortable compared to a guided safari and is the best for one who enjoys a lot of adventure and exploration as a self drive gives room for more flexibility, privacy and comfort.  In a self drive, you just get rid of the overcrowding, noise or even delays that may come along with public game drive vehicles so how about you plan to enjoy this interesting, educative and more explorative bit of safari in Rwanda where you drive yourself at a desired pace through the national park without anyone depriving you of your freedom to anything as again you encounter these various and beautiful wildlife. Below are some tips to help you self drive Rwanda as safely and comfortably as possible when you visit this year.

1- Check and ensure that your rental car is well serviced and in a good general condition before setting off for the self drive road trip in Rwanda This enables you to save time as it minimizes stoppages which may either be due to car mechanical breakdown or by the traffic police to answer cases of driving a car in poor mechanical position.

  1. Make sure you know your destination and in case you are not sure, have a GPS or detailed road map to help you locate your different destinations and avoid meandering around. The google maps app is must have on your phone as it acts as a GPS and guide as well.
  1. Get all your self drive safari equipment ready and packed, these include a driving license, a descent pair of binoculars, a camera, soft drink among others, such that you don’t forget anything.
  1. Wake up early such that you are at the national park gate by 7am if you are to have a productive game drive because morning hours are the best for encounters of various predators like leopards, lions, tigers for they are back from a long night of prey search and others like elephants, giraffes, buffaloes are out for a new day thriving in the grasslands.
  1. Drive slowly while inside the park, about less than 15km/hr so as not to scare away animals and such that you can capture a lot of moments. The high speed driving does nothing better than chasing away the thriving elephants, lions, buffaloes yet encountering such was the cause of the self drive safaris, so you have got to keep the speed minimal such that you get the best of adventure.
  1. Keep a keen ear and turn down or even off the volume of music so as to clearly listen to the sound of fauna as this will help you to click something special and directive for your view for example a great trumpeting of elephants may indicate presence of a predator in the area.
  1. Do not use flash light cameras, switch off the rental car lights and engine as this noise and flushes may scare the animals and they run away.
  1. Do not go beyond the demarcated park tracks so as not to cause animal accidents or disturb their comfort and in cases where animals are crossing through demarcated trucks, be patient and wait for them to cross such that you proceed.
  1. Have a simple talk with other visitors that you find at your destination because this will help you to exchange experiences and perhaps get you a clue on where each of you been.

The above tips will help to spice up your self drive safari in Rwanda and in case you need to have a car for your trip, contact us via email info@rwandacarrentalservices.com or directly call our head offices at +256700135510 and talk to the reservations team.