February 27, 2024

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The Kigali Convention Centre

The Kigali Convention center is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching properties or complexes you can see while in Kigali. This complex features a unique egg–shaped dome which has been built with so   much art and hence a pride for the city of Kigali. Visiting the Convention center of Kigali is one of the best highlights for the Kigali city tour or for those that have been on a Rwanda safari, you can opt for  a vibrant night out in Kigali city  and can enjoy a beautiful view of this building

This convention center comprises;

  • A wide conference center that can seat a capacity of 2,600 people, and with it’s interior design, it gives a jaw dropping expression for all visitors to the conference center.
  • A 5 star hotel mainly known as the Radisson Blu hotel Kigali. This hotel has 292 rooms strategically built on six floors. It has an impressive and beautiful exterior with multicolored metallic ribbons.
  • The information technology park of Kigali that covers 32,200 squares meters of retail space and rental offices
  • A museum on the bottom floor of the building

Below are some of the interesting Facts about this building

Many of these interesting facts were brought up the principal architect of this building, Ronald Dieterle when he was once interviewed. Dieterle pointed out in his speech a number of interesting facts about his architectural design for the convention center.

  • The Traditional Palace of the King in Nyanza inspired him greatly on deciding the shape of the building. When you look closely at the design on the palace it has an egg shape and the spiral art can also be seen used in the locally made basket. Therefore the egg shape of the dome and the spiral design seen on the floor of the convention center were picked from these traditional pieces.
  • While constructing this building, the builders used 3-D design method and the manufacturing system of most of the equipment was fully computerized. When you look at the frame of the dome, it is so complex that each piece of metal you see was designed and manufactured separately. You will find only two of each piece on the entire building, isn’t this really amazing!
  • The building is transparent and this was to show that everything done in this building should be transparent to very person in this country. It was not constructed for the chosen few but for all people in Rwanda
  • The Radisson Blu Hotel has beautiful multi-colored metallic ribbons, running down the entire frontage of the building. These colorful ribbons show the many colors people in Rwanda use to weave and make their local clothes usually called kitenge.
  • With the beautiful idea of constructing the Convention center, it has won an award for the most beautiful-looking complex already.

While on your tour to  Rwanda, it is best to  visit this interesting building and feel the beautiful atmosphere personally. Send us an email at info@rwandacarrentalservices.com or call us at 0414699459