May 22, 2024

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Self drive Vs Hiring A Driver In Rwanda

Exploring a new destination simply requires a car plus a driver who knows the place but some travelers love the thrill of a self drive road trip. Rent a car and GPS and you are ready to hit the road which is not the case for other travelers most especially first time visitors who would prefer the services of a professional driver to guide them around and avoid getting lost or getting inconvenienced by any unexpected car problems.

A big question arises, Should i rent a car in Rwanda with a driver or on self drive ?, Look through the 4 comparisons below and make a choice that is pocket-friendly and can also suit your personal interests

Cheaper option– if you are looking for an affordable road trip, then you should go for a self drive trip as you wont have to cater for driver’s expenses. A driver in Rwanda costs US$ 40 per day if you are exploring the city and neighboring suburbs and up to US$ 60 per day if you want to visit the park with a guide. Cut your travel costs and just rent a car without driver but only a GPS which will cost only about 5 dollars a day.

Privacy & Freedom – The privacy and freedom the self drive option offers a driver is a major reason why most tourists love driving themselves to a park or local attraction. You dont have to worry about a driver eavesdropping on your conversation or dictating your itinerary, you can just drive to any place, any time at your own pace making your itinerary more flexible.

Directions – The chances of getting lost on a self drive trip are high compared to moving with a driver. The GPS might show you the location and how to get there but a driver will get you there safely and most importantly on time.

Choosing between a self drive trip in Rwanda and hiring a driver can either make you safari a success or a nightmare, so make the right choice based on whether you can drive your self around Rwanda or need guidance.
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