May 22, 2024

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Rwanda’s Uniqueness

Rwanda is a very beautiful country covering a small area of about 26, 338 square kilometers with a total population of approximately 12 million people. The country is known for hosting the 1994 genocide where thousands and thousands of people were killed owing to racial differences but in spite of all the past, Rwanda has greatly developed into a major tourist destination in Africa because of its present day attributes and features. It is unique from other African countries in very many ways some of which include the following.


When you are to talk about clean cities in Africa, Kigali the capital of Rwanda is on the top list as it was declared the cleanest African city in 2017 by the United Nations. This is point enough to make it unique as evidenced by the large number of tourists that drop there annually. You can never find any papers, empty sackets of snacks or fruit husks littered along streets of the city but only green environment all-round the country. Rwanda has achieved the ban of plastic bag use and this has been a contributing factor to the high level of cleanliness.

Beautiful people

Apart from being the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is also a land of beautiful ladies and handsome men. They are known for their dark skin color which they are proud of, have sharp noses and a well-built gait and stature, so you want to be among beautiful people, head to Rwanda.


Rwanda is the only African country that is not tribalistic but rather has one local language ‘Kinyarwanda’ which is spoken by every citizen. Though the country has three ethnic groups: Hutu, Tutsi and Twa, they do not delight in them and so do not refer each other as to ethnic group but as Rwandese. They have one universal traditional wear ‘Mushanana,’ same traditional dance ‘Intore,’ speak same language ‘Kinyarwanda’ and have same staple food so Rwanda is exclusively a homogeneous nation and this makes it a unique African country.


The Rwandese people have a high level of respect for one another right from their head of state to the least ranked person. You will not find a Rwandese speaking ill about their president like it is in other African countries because they are groomed to respect him whether you are on the opposition side or not. Rwandese people do not just eat in public or take pictures of others without their consent, all these as a sign of respect for one another.

This country Rwanda has a lot of uniqueness from other African countries so experience all these by making a visit there. For more information and inquiries contact us on email or call +256700135510 to speak with the reservations team.