July 1, 2022

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Remarkable Rwanda- The Best Tourism Destination In East Africa

We stand proudly and pronounce it out that our Rwanda is a remarkable country in the whole of East Africa and Africa at large. Rwanda is famous for its silver back gorillas in the Volcanoes national park that have captured the world’s imagination since Diane Fossey the American Zoologist came to make a study about the mountain gorilla families in the late 1970s. Gorilla tracking and habituation in Rwanda is not all that our beautiful country has to offer, Rwanda is a very special part in the African continent offering a discerning and adventurous glimpse of nature’s wonderful miracles through fun packed Rwanda safaris that show case the fantastic landscapes, the magnificence of our wildlife, and the warmth of the Rwandan people are once in a life time experience.

Tourism in Rwanda today is linked with her neighboring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, DRC and Tanzania. This unison merged the today celebrated East African Visa which has made travelling simpler for many visitors in East Africa and has as well strengthened partnership and brotherhood among these countries.

Whether you are on self drive trip to Rwanda, or guided tour, discover the Eden she promises to be through meeting her unraveled biodiversity of dramatic mountains and volcanoes, some of the oldest and most precious rain forests on earth, glittering lakes and rivers.

Rwanda has 3 national parks that are well spread across the country and each featuring the ultimate wildlife experiences and primate tracking. Visit Akagera National Park for the most interesting wildlife/ game viewing drives to see the lions, giraffes, buffaloes, warthogs, and so  many more. Enjoy camping trips to Rwanda at Akagera National Park, Gorilla tracking experience at the volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzee tracking at Nyungwe forest National Park. Enjoy a thrilling and hair rising canopy walk at the Nyungwe forest, be at the same height with the tallest trees of the park and watch the birds fly at close range. This is one of the most sought for adventure activity in Rwanda, the canopy walk!

You cannot talk about Rwanda and fail to say  a word about Lake Kivu, this is the largest fresh water body in Rwanda and the 6th Largest in the whole world. The lake is surrounded by wood forest and beautiful white sand beaches which are so favorable for honey moon packages in Rwanda and family holidays in Rwanda as well. Be part of a memorable water adventure at the lake Kivu, with numerous water sport activities, like boat cruises and rides, swimming, beach volley ball, beach soccer, sun bathing, entertainment and so many others.

Visit Butare the intellectual and cultural pulse of Rwanda, this is the best place to enjoy the cultural values and norms of the Rwandese. Many of the shops and markets here exhibit African fabric commonly mixed with designs from the Congolese, hand crafts and so many more. Many tourist centers here show case traditional and cultural performances including the most famous Intore dance. Are you  thinking of a wedding event in Rwanda, the Intore dance is the best cultural entertainment piece you  can have, it will keep your day memorable.

There are more aspects about Rwanda, like the Genocide memorial sites, yes we are some how over the damage of the genocide era but we take our visitors to  see some of these places, because they  mean so mauch to  us and our loved ones that we lost. Shake off the sorrow of the genocide sites by visiting Kigali city  at night, we call it the city that never sleeps. You have a wide selection of clubs, bars, cinemas, churches and more lively and vibrant spots that will surely bring the nocturnal part of you .

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