It was a chilly Saturday morning of 23rd September 2017 around 4:00am when we departed from Sheema district- Uganda. My friends and I were very excited upon the mere thought that we were actually going to Rwanda. For the first time I felt thrilled because I was going to a land in East Africa that had its own sad history of tribalism which had resulted in the great Genocide. There I was anticipating on what to find in the great city of a country that is also well known for its cleanliness compared to Uganda.

For our travel, we passed via the Mbarara route that had a better road. Along the way I witnessed the sun rising and making a beautiful spectacle in the sky. I saw lots and lots of things on the way among them were the hills in Ntungamo district. We managed to reach the mountainous and cool Kabale around 08:40am East African time. Kabale was our first stopover for short calls and refreshments. Being a cold place, everyone was forced to take something warm or hot to keep the body temperature. Personally I got myself a pottage meal (known as katogo in Ugandan indigenous foods). After a short time of relaxation we continued our journey till the border.

Our second stopover was the Gatuna/Katuna border for Uganda and Rwanda where we cleared the exiting from Uganda and entering Rwanda. The process didn’t take long because most of us had our National IDs and others passports. The tricky part was the time for changing currency whereby if one was not careful on the rates; one would be easily cheated by the money changers.

We traveled through Gatuna and saw there was a lot of different sales going on at the border especially food merchandise. At this point the driver had already changed the driving side to the right according to the road policies of the country. Rwanda looked so much hilly from the entrance. Houses were built on hills and I would ask myself what happens to those people in case it rained heavily or windy?

Inside Kigali, the city looked so awe-inspiring in terms of scenery and cleanliness. It felt so wonderful to be in this beautiful town. They are organized and I found out that some public places are restricted and work on appointments such as taking photos. Another thing I noticed is that their currency is low and it makes Uganda currency cheaper, hence buying things in Rwanda is expensive.

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