May 21, 2024

Rwanda Car Rental Services

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Hire A Car And Visit Nyungwe Forest

Do you want to know how kind, peaceful and civilized the people of Africa are today? Rent a car in Rwanda and see how possible it is to end your trip without any kind of disturbance, threats and interruption on the road as you come across the friendly and warm-hearted Rwandese. Factors including good roads that make the ride smooth, perfect enforcement of policies those play a big role on road organization and excellent safety even for non-citizens give reasons to be confident enough to have a self drive in Rwanda though chauffeur hire in Rwanda can be an ideal choice as well.

Knowing that Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills, hiring a car to travel to one of its prominent tourism destinations and also the largest tropical Afro montane forest in East Africa is the best way to explore the beautiful terrain from the starting point to the southwestern region until the end of the trip. On arrival in Rwanda or once done with other errands, get ready to set out without any time wasted searching for taxis or transfer to other terminals, Just book a rental car in advance to your trip. Think about the convenience to make a stopover at any point with interesting scenery and other attractions unlike in public transport.

Regardless of the hilly terrain, the country has very well established roads which are also kept very clean by the citizens. This therefore offers a gentle and comfortable cruise for saloon cars like the Rav4 which can take travelers up to Uwinka Visitors Centre in Nyungwe forest. However, the best recommendation for a safari to this park is a 4 wheel drive. A Land cruiser VX, Land cruiser V8, an extended land cruiser, Nissan Patrol as well as safari vehicles and station wagons are cozier due to their width, faster and accommodate more property in case adventurers are heavy travelers. Travel around Rwanda with your family or other travel partners in great comfort, take a nap when you feel like, stretch out the legs and enable good blood circulation and enjoy the cool atmosphere throughout the safari.

Things to do in Nyungwe forest national park

Are you a primate lover? Book a car from Rwanda Car Rental Services at a low rate and go for one of the most thrilling activities in the world. Chimpanzee trekking in this tropical forest brings you one on one with man’s closest relatives the chimpanzees and the experience becomes more adventurous when going through the rough terrain with a professional ranger guide who also explains much more about other wildlife including the trees.

Inspite its small size of about 26,338 sq. km, Rwanda is amazingly one of the most naturally gifted countries in Africa with attractions that have been perfectly utilized for exploration and adventure. The 50 meters canopy above the tall trees of Nyungwe forest is an exhilarating undertaking that comes with bravery and it never disappoints with breathtaking scenic views, bird sightings and everlasting great memories after the safari.

Tracking for Grey-cheeked mangabey and Ruwenzori colobus monkeys. Besides chimps, this natural forest harbors the cute Grey-cheeked mangabeys and Ruwenzori colobus monkeys which are worth tracking on an African safari in Rwanda. Remember tracking for these primates doesn’t restrict one’s eyes from seeing other creatures and there is a possibility of coming across any other of the thirteen primate species in the forest.

A hike should be a must add-on when visiting Nyungwe forest. The wildlife sightings, eye-catching sceneries and many other discoveries along the various trails throughout the forest are the rewards for the hikers here.

Nyungwe forest and birds cannot be separated. This is a birder’s paradise with over 300 bird species, 27 endemics to the Albertine rift valley inclusive. A guide with perfect knowledge about birds is selected to usher you throughout the large and rich forest with birds like the Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Ruwenzori turaco, the Large blue turaco and sunbirds among others.   

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