April 16, 2024

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Vintage Wedding Cars

A vintage car is an old automobile car that is 20 years old or more and these are widely used wedding cars in Rwanda because they bring out uniqueness and elegancy of the back in time. There are different vintage cars from which you can choose for your wedding and these include beauford, Rolls Royce, beetles, Ferrari, wagons, Moreno and many more depending on your budget. The price of these old school stylish cars for wedding includes car, chauffeur and fuel. You will rarely see a vintage car on Rwanda roads so if you are looking out for uniqueness on your memorable day, hiring a vintage car is the way to go. The interior of the vintage car has leather seats that allow comfort of the bride and groom, an air conditioner for proper ventilation plus an audio player and FM radio to play the couple’s favorite music all the way to the wedding and reception venues. The exterior is so eye catching, beautifully designed and modelled in different colors: white, grey and black, so you can choose your favorite color for the day.

To hire a vintage car for your wedding, contact us on email info@rwandacarrentalservices.com to make your bookings and inquiries.