February 27, 2024

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The Most Trending Wedding Car Colors

There are various colors of cars in Rwanda to choose for your wedding and this is usually done by the couple while for others the wedding planner does it. There is always a reason as to why one chooses a particular color of a wedding car: some relate it to their wedding color themes, others depend on the meaning of the color, some choose their favorite while others can go with any trending colors of the date. In Rwanda, colors used include gold, black, silver, pink, grey, white, blue and below are the most trending car colors.


Most couples opt for black wedding cars because it looks elegant, original and stunningly beautiful. Whether a limousine, range rover, Mercedes or land cruiser, the black color will bring out the style uniquely and elegantly. Since black blends with a lot of colors, the car decorations will be made with ease but have a perfect look.


This is another mostly used wedding car color and many couples love it because it is angelic and it symbolizes purity, innocence and cleanliness which every couple would love to portray on their first day of marriage. Get a vintage, limousine or Mercedes in the glimmering white color as you head to your wedding venue.


Silver is a feminine shiny color usually associated with wealth, responsibility or nature and many couples choose this for their wedding cars to be a bit unique from the usual black and white colors. If you are one looking forward for a stylish wedding, have silver wedding cars in your convoy either one silver car for the bride and groom then the rest black or vice versa. We have jaguars, land cruisers and Mercedes dressed in silver from which you can choose your favorite brand.

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