July 17, 2024

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Tourists Return to Rwanda

Also known as the land of a thousand hills- Rwanda is one of the great safari destinations in Africa. The country prides in offering unique, exceptional and luxurious Mountain gorilla trekking experience in the world. Without forgetting that in Africa, there are only three countries that host the endangered Mountain gorilla species such as Uganda, Rwanda and DR-Congo. Rwanda is home to about three national parks that offer wide diversity of tourist activities on a Rwanda safari allowing you to get lost in the mesmerizing landscapes of the country.

On a Rwanda road trip, grab an insight to meet and greet with the wonderful and friendly people, encounter with their culture, the impressive populations of its majestic wildlife. The road trip in Rwanda allows you to visit the endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys in Volcanoes national park, chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest national park and other amazing wildlife that can be sighted in the sweeping plains of Akagera national park.

Apparently, Rwanda is one of the African countries that has tried to fight and manage the covid19 epidemic that spread throughout the entire globe. It has now been listed among the African countries that are safe to trail to travel. On the 17th June 2020, Rwanda reopened all its tourists activities and it also decided to reestablish international travel via charter flights. On this note, this has called for the return of tourist in Rwanda to enjoy the fascinating tourist activities in the Land of a thousand Hills.

However it is important to note that all visitor that will be arriving in the country using the chartered Flights are requested to test Negative for covid 19 virus after the 72 hours of arriving at the airport. In addition to the safety of both staff and tourist, all visitors will have to retest the another time negative before they visit another tourist destination. Wearing Masks is a must requirement to all staff in the tourism chain without excluding the tourists as well.

According to the commentary report given by Belisa Kariza who is the chief Tourism Officer at the tourism body at Rwanda Development Board. The tourism industry in Rwanda is preparing a safe new environment for both the Tour Operator and tourists returning to Rwanda to enjoy adventurous safaris in the Land of a thousand Hills. On this note therefore we advise travelers to grab an opportunity to travel to Rwanda and delight in the discounted tours that allows you explore its natural beauty.

 The Reopening of the Rwanda tourist activities has come with a cut in the tracking permits of the Endangered mountain gorillas from effective of 17th / June /2020 to 31st / December/ 2020. The trekking permits have been made available for 1500 USD per person for the foreign non Residents, 500 USD foreign residents and 200 USD for the Rwandan nationals.

For all travelers planning their trip to Rwanda, it is important to note there are discounted offers arranged for group travelers, families as well as sole travelers visiting the country post Covid19 situation. The discounted packages allow you to explore tourist destination parks like Volcanoes national famous home to the endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, Nyungwe Forest national park host huge impressive numbers of Habituated Chimpanzees and Akagera national park harboring stunning wildlife populations in Rwanda among other tourist destinations.

In a synopsis, tourism activities in Rwanda and across the globe were closed due to the covid19 pandemic which affected the tourism industry worldwide. However there is need to embrace and welcome the revival of the tourist activities in Rwanda to all travelers that love travel. For more information concerning your trip to Rwanda this year, feel free to contact our professional and experienced reservation team and plan your trip with us.

Planning to safari Rwanda or in the country for business or research and require a rental car for the holiday, simply gte in touch with us by sending an inquiry at info@rwandacarrentalservices.com or directly call the reservations team on 0700135510 or Tel 0414699459