July 17, 2024

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Top Tips For Renting A Car In Rwanda

Are you planning to travel to Rwanda for safari adventure, business trip or leisure holiday and still do know which transportation means you will be using to get to any destination, park or remote village. There’s no need to worry about that anymore as you can just rent a car in Rwanda today with a driver or on self drive at affordable rates under favorable terms and conditions. However booking a rental car in Africa is no easy task right from choosing the perfect car to determining which car agency to deal with and that’s why we have compiled some very important Rwanda car rental tips to follow for a safe and comfortable road trip.

Book with a trusted car rental company
With a variety of registered Rwanda car rental and travel companies out there ready to offer you their services, you will find that it is easy to find a company to book with but you have to take great care book with a reputable and experienced agency to avoid fraud and getting poor services not fitting of what you paid for. Go online and use search engines like google to pick out the top rated and used companies in Rwanda. Read through reviews and customer experience for an insight of who you are dealing with.

Choose the right rental car
Make sure you rent a car that can fit the number of people accompanying you on the Rwanda road trip and most importantly can handle the terrain of not only the city and but national parks and remote villages as well. If you are traveling as couple or 2 to 5 people , then it’s wise to choose a 4-door saloon car but if its a small group of 8 to 30 people, then you should opt for mid-sized passengers vans like the coaster bus or Minivan. A Sedan is ideal for city tours and business trips but a 4X4 rental car is the best choice if you plan on visiting a national park or remote destinations. Save money and get car in the range of your budget but still suits your personal interests.

Always Compare Rates
The various Rwanda car rental companies each charge different prices for different cars and services they offer but all this depends on the number of days you will be hiring the car. The higher number of days you will be the car, the lesser the rate. Try & look for company with the best rate and avoid going with the first company that comes your way. Find out the special discounts and monthly offers for each company and make comparisons before you make the final decision to reserve a car in Rwanda.

Choose Self Drive Option
Going on road trip with a driver might be a safe and more comfortable option but a Rwanda self drive trip is much more cheaper and flexible option. Not only do you get all the privacy you want but also control your movements giving you the freedom to travel any where at your own pace and time. Get in the driving seat and go have that adventure you always dreamed of with your friends, family or group mates.

Always Book early
Last but not least, always make sure you rent a car in advance at-least a few weeks or months before you travel to Rwanda. You avoid missing out on car of your choice or even worse getting a car at a higher price than normal because you booked late.

If you plan on renting a car in Rwanda on self drive or with a driver, then take time to read through these car rental tips for a an affordable and comfortable road trip. For more info and Rwanda car tips , send us an email to info@rwandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510.