February 27, 2024

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Preparation For Your Trip To Rwanda

Traveling is a hobby for many but it comes with a lot of preparation financially to meet your trip needs, physically for energy activities like hiking, psychologically especially for those that leave families behind and in many more other aspects. Rwanda is an interesting small east African country known as the land of a thousand hills that has served as a great tourist destination in Africa for the past many years due to its various attractions. Below are some of the things you can do to prepare for your enjoyable trip to Rwanda.

Have your travel documents ready

While entering Rwanda, you are expected to have a valid passport, visa and a yellow fever card so it is better you work on all these such that you are not disturbed at the country check in. Confirm your travel dates, compare prices and time of different flights then buy the air tickets in time. The other thing, ensure that your passport is not less than 6months valid from the date of your trip.

Save money

In any trip, one is expected to spend no matter the amount, so you have got to have saved enough money to enjoy your holiday while in Rwanda. It is frustrating not to be able to cater for your accommodation bills, food or transport, and with all this, my dear, the trip will be ruined, so get to know how much you have for the trip then book hotels, transport means and tickets that fall within your budget.  Have your money changed to Rwanda francs or US dollars whose series are above 2006 for your exchange.

Make some research about your destinations

You can use internet and make some searches about your planned destinations such that you have a clue on what you should expect, how much you would spend like for entrance fees, game drives and clear prior charges required like trekking permits, hotel booking. Get to know the common practices of the people residing in your destinations and plan how you will fit in.

Pack what you need

It is not really useful to have a big number of huge bags carrying the things you will not even use or those you can live without for the days you will be away from your home. Simply carry a phone and camera but leave the other expensive gadgets home otherwise on an unlucky day, they may be found missing, damaged or stolen. Or even heavy to transport from one place to another.

Carry no plastic bags

As you do your packing for a trip to Rwanda, make sure there is nothing like a plastic bag because it will not be allowed into the country however small it may be. Have your snacks, chocolates and other belongings packed in other bags rather than plastic bags to avoid inconvenience at the country check in.

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