July 17, 2024

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Kayoola Solar bus In Uganda


In the year February 2016, the President of Uganda His Excellence Yoweri Museveni launched a solar bus prototype manufactured by Kiira motors and this was named Kayoola Solar bus. Historically, this was recorded as a legendary bus made in the African Continent for the first time. The solar bus went viral all over the world news and regarded as a mystery, although it was created to offer an Executive city service and it can easily be spotted by the riders.

One of the great outstanding news about this wonderful prototype bus is that it is eco-friendly as it was aimed to conserve the natural environment as well as human public health. This is because it does not use the traditional diesel engine but rather electric solar energy. It was made possible that the traditional engine sound stops immediately the electrified solar bus accelerates and they are placed by the soft whine. According to the Kiira motor innovation technology, the bus relies on lithium-ion batteries to enhance an electric motor which is doubled to the 2-speed pneumatic shift transmission

Appearance of the incredible solar bus

The Kayoola solar bus is extremely amazing with an impressive pearl white color which add ornament to the lovely colors of the Uganda national flag thus offering an incomparable beauty to its exterior. The bus poses an elegant design as well as an intriguing luxury interior space which will give you an insight to feel and touch the Pearl of Africa rich heritage. The solar bus features an interesting exterior, the wide sliding windows plus the proprietary design grille.

This bus is easy to maintain since it does not require the changing of oil for service like the tradition ordinary buses which are diesel powered, there is no need to repair the hydraulic lines which accelerate through the conventional bus. On an estimate, the bus can run for over 80 kilometers and can be in operation for full day. Enjoy a Comfortable smoother and clean ride with minimum noise due to substitution of the diesel engine with an electric machine that does not pollute the environment.  Currently the bus has been opened up for transportation services around Kampala city , therefore do not be left behind, join the community and enjoy a ride in the Solar bus

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