May 21, 2024

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Children Friendly Destinations In Rwanda

Children are a group of people who are always put aside in many aspects especially in the African culture but this is indeed unnecessary as they also have enjoy their walk of life as they grow. Many travelers enjoy travelling as adults and not with children maybe because to them it seems bothering as most tourist destinations in many countries are not children friendly but while travelling to Rwanda, you don’t have to worry because the country has a variety of places for them to enjoy and they include the following.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu provides a serene environment to enjoy with your children in activities like playing games which include football along the lake shores, eating well prepared foods like fish, and enjoying the cold breeze. You can also have a boat ride along the lake for more adventure visiting different islands like Nyamunini, hot springs and watching the various birds like the double toothed Barbet, Black headed Heron, Little bee eater, Sacred Ibis and many more that reside along the lake. The lake has a number of beaches located on it especially on the Gisenyi and Kibuye sides where your children can surely have a good time. The luxury, midrange and budget accommodation facilities are also readily available just near the beaches offering family discounts and they provide scenic views since built near the lake.

Azizi cultural village

This area makes the peak of anyone’s cultural tour in Rwanda and it is located at just about an hour drive from Kigali, Rwanda’s capital and largest city. Children will enjoy interacting with the Rwanda locals especially those within their age bracket, watching the local music and drama activities, learning some local activities like digging, weaving, preparing and even tasting the local dishes. In this area., you will also find different art pieces that are charming for both children and adults that you can buy from the craft shops.

Akagera national park

This is another wonderful place where children can have a good time as they view different wild life like elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, buffaloes and many more that reside in the only savanna landscape of Rwanda. In Akagera national park, children are safe as all these animals are well fenced and cannot easily come out to attack them so they can take pictures freely using their pair of binoculars and cameras but under the guidance of the kid friendly guides. The park also has a number of lodges that offer children’s packages even at cheaper rates so they can have good time for rest after game viewing. You can also choose to camp with your kids as long as you have the camping material with you like tents, sleeping bags and also enjoy sitting around the fire place.

Kigali city

There are a lot of places in Kigali, the capital and largest city in Rwanda that can be amusing and really enjoyable with your children on your trip to Rwanda. The Inema arts center is one of the good plots where you will find a variety of unique paintings, wood carvings, sculptures and mouldings that are quite adventurous for both you and your children and can take them with you back home if you have enough money to buy. The Kigali convention center is also an enjoyable one plus the various beautiful hotels in Kigali that offer first class services to both adults and children like Marriott hotel, Kigali Serena hotel and many more.

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