April 16, 2024

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Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda offers great safari experiences for travelers seeking to discover the true beauty of Africa. Also known as “the land of a thousand hills”, Rwanda is one of smallest countries in Africa but gifted with incredible sceneries, a variety of primates and wildlife, warm climate and very hospitable people with a rich culture. As you plan for a Rwanda safari, think of exciting things to do including gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing, canopy walk, cultural tours and dark tourism that resulted from the 1994 Rwanda genocide. The landlocked country is today one of the most visited safari destinations in Africa. It has an improved transport infrastructure with Kigali international airport being the main entry point. It is linked to other areas including wildlife national parks, with paved roads which is one of the factors for smooth running of tourism activities. The roads are well established that even saloon cars such as Toyota Rav 4, premio, spacio and corona can be effectively used to discover Rwanda. With a travel map, you can hire a car and travel around Rwanda on self drive or opt for a trip with a safari driver if you want to enjoy a perfect relaxation during the safari.

Rwanda has one savannah national park where wildlife viewing takes place- Akagera national park, located in the North eastern part region near the border with Tanzania. To watch large herds of grazers in Rwanda, set out for a game drive that leads you to the savannah plains where zebras, cape buffaloes, elephants, elands, topis, roan antelopes, reedbucks and waterbucks are often feeding as they ensure their safety from predators in the area. The park is also home to over 100 African elephants, giraffes and warthogs among others.

Lions had been hunted to extinction but were later on re-introduced and can luckily be spotted. To easily spot and have perfect views of the animals during game drives, we recommend safari vans, station wagons and 4X4 vehicles in Rwanda well designed for game drives with elevated seats and open roofs. Such vehicles also easily navigate through the tracks to on the dirt roads of the park.

And how about the night game drive? Get the right car to enable you watch a number of nocturnal such as serval cats, civets, hyenas, bush babies as well as leopards before they hide once they realize your presence in their territories.

Besides the savannah plains, Akagera national park also has a lot of swamps and small lakes which support life of hippos, crocodiles and other animals. On Lake Ihema which is the largest in Rwanda, a boat cruise rewards you a variety of sightings, scenic views and a beautiful sunset view in the evening. Other lakes in the park are Lake Shakani, Lake Mihindi, Lake Rwanyakizinga and Lake Gishanju. Chilling at the lakeside is one of the things you can do during your time to relax while at Akagera national park.

Akagera national park is an Important Bird Area with over 500 bird species. Bird enthusiasts can arrange for a birding experience to one of the birding sites in Akagera. Some of the popular birds of the park include the papyrus gonolek, Shoebill stork, Lesser Kestrel and Great Snipe among others.

On a 3 days safari in Akagera, you can enjoy a drive through the savannah plains and a boat cruise. For more days of exploration in Rwanda, a package including Akagera, Volcanoes and Nyungwe national parks would offer lifetime memories.

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