May 22, 2024

Rwanda Car Rental Services

4×4 Self Drive Car Hire & Guided Tours

Why Choose Rwanda Car Rental Services For Your Next Holiday

Famously refereed to as the “Land of A Thousand Hills” . Rwanda is has quickly moved on from the genocide effects to become one of the most visited tourist destinations in East Africa. The country is not only home to the incredible mountain gorillas, it is also one of the best cultural destinations with a galore of cultural and historic sites spread across Kigali city and neighboring towns.  For a comfortable and safe exploration around Rwanda, its advisable to rent a car with or without a driver with a trusted and reliable company and that’s why you should choose Rwanda Car Rental Services to cater for all your transportation needs whether you are visiting the country on safari , business trip or leisure holiday.

Here are some reason why you should choose to use our services whenever you decide to visit Rwanda for safari, business or leisure.

Reputation & Experience

Rwanda Car Rental Services is a fully registered car hire agency situated in Kigali city with a base in Uganda, we have been in this business for over 6 years hiring out saloon, 4×4 safari cars and luxury vehicles for all types of clients including couples, solo travelers, families and small groups. There are a variety of companies ready to offer you their services but you always have to be careful and choose one that is trusted, one that has been around some time and most importantly a company with an operating office and staff to avoid fraud or any other unwanted deal.

Good customer reviews

We make our clients safety and comfort our top priorities giving the best car and driver for your road trip in Rwanda and that’s most of our clients always come asking for more. The past reviews about a company always give you an insight of who you are booking with so take great heed and go with one that has good testimonies, this shows that the customer is satisfied and happy with what you offered and most importantly it shows that you can be trusted.

Easy access

We are easy to get in touch with online and in person , Our base website is well designed to help you get any of the rental cars in Rwanda or service you require. With easy navigation and booking and contact features, you will be able to get any car, any time of the day instantly. You can send us an email to or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team in the comfort of your seat. You can as well visit our office situated in Kigali city , just close to Serena hotel and make your booking in person.

Cheap prices

If your searching for affordable car rental in Rwanda, then you should choose Rwanda Car Rental Services. We offer a wide range of rental cars and services at cheap rates that suit your budget and personal needs. Just visit the website today and try comparing the rates to other companies, you will find out for your self about our low-cut prices. You can rent a car  for as low as US$ 40 per day for self drive which will help you save money as you travel around Rwanda.

Discounts and Special Offers

We offer discounts to return clients as well as people renting a car for long duration say 2 weeks to month or more. For example if you want to rent a US$ 50 car for a 2 weeks or more, we can avail it to you for only US$ 40 per day. Clients also enjoy the the privilege of special monthly offers we give out. During the peak months, you can get any car of your choice at a cut price and save more money.

Good rental cars

Our large fleet of rental cars in Rwanda are well maintained , serviced after every road trip to ensure a client drives comfortably and safely to wherever they are going. When you rent a car with us, rest assured you wont get into any mechanic problems or traffic tickets as the cars are clean inside out. Whether you want a safari car for trip to a park or simple sedan for driving around town , we are more than ready to give you the best car at the best possible rate.

Professional drivers

Rwanda car rental services has a team of well trained and experienced local drivers in Rwanda who are equipped with valid driving licenses, country ID cards and most importantly have adequate knowledge about most of the destinations in Rwanda including Kigali city and the national parks. You don’t have to worry about getting lost or getting robbed, just sit-back relax and let your personal driver take care of everything.

Wide range of services

Last but not least, we offer a wide range of transportation services in Rwanda catering for all types of travelers including holiday makers and business travelers. Whether you want to do self drive trip, hire a driver, require an airport transfer , wedding car or want us to handle transportation needs during a an event or research project in Rwanda, we can do that for you and more.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose Rwanda Car Rental Services for your holiday in Rwanda this season. Let us get you the right car at the right price under terms and conditions that suit your budget as well as personal needs. Get in touch with us today through or call us now on +256-700135510, we look forward to hearing from you.