July 17, 2024

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Best Safety Tips for Camping Trips In Rwanda

Are you planning to book a camping safari in Rwanda this season as a couple, family or with friends? There are a lot of really beautiful destinations in Rwanda for you to experience the best of a camping safari. Rwanda’s savannah park, Akagera National Park is one of the most ideal safari destinations in Rwanda to enjoy a camping trip and many others. Rwanda car rental services brings you the best cars for hire to these destinations at very cheap and affordable car rental rates in Rwanda all year through. Get yourself the most appropriate car that fits your travel needs at affordable prices with yet with unlimited mileage and a travel map. Whether you want a self drive trip or a guided safari to go camping in Rwanda, we have the right cars, equipment and professional guides to help you enjoy your road trip.

Camping is an exciting activity full of adventure. However, enjoyment is maximized if you consider important safety tips for camping. Here are the essential safety tips that will enable you have fun during the trip.

Choose the right site and shelter

Make thorough research about the place where you want to camp, know the closest town, location of people so that you can easily get there for help in case of an emergency. On arrival at the site, check in with the ranger guide so that they know where you are staying.

It is advisable to reserve for the camping gear early enough. To reserve the right equipment for you, we need to know your age, physical limitations and medical needs, and all for everyone in the group. The campground you wish to stay at is also crucial in this matter.

Keep food and drinks safely

Plan well for the food to pack. If your trip is long, make sure to store healthy food in sealed and waterproof containers so that it remains fresh. Ensure it is in safe places so that it doesn’t attract animals. Remember to carry plenty of ice in a cooler so that raw materials are kept in safe temperature. To stay safe from food-borne illnesses, use hand sanitizer after handling raw materials and separate cooked food from the uncooked.

Stay safe from wild animals

Find out about foods to pack and those not to pack, those that may attract animals like elephants. Also, store your food well in a food storage locker so that unwanted animals are not attracted. Do not feed animals.

Protect yourself from insects

Carry an insect repellent and use it regularly to get rid of bites of mosquitoes and other insects. Make sure it is a good insect repellent that doesn’t dissolve in water. To be safer, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants in bushy areas like when hiking, on nature walks and in the night. Remember to check for ticks and carry enough clothes to avoid washing.

Get updates about the weather

Although sometimes the weather can be different from the forecast, it still remains important to know it. It helps to plan right. You are able to know the best time for camping, whether to change and stay in a hotel or go on and camp.

Store enough drinks

Do not let water run out of stock. Pack a lot so that in case you are in a place with unsafe water, you have what can take you for your extended camping trip. Buy other bottled drinks and make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

Safe campfires

A fire at a camp ground should be 15 feet from your tent and bushes. Follow guidelines by keeping it small as the attendants have made it with a given amount of fire wood and directions on when to add in case it is used up. Never leave the fire unattended and make sure it is totally off before going to sleep.

Pack a First aid kit

The first aid kit is essential for any traveler. As for you who is camping, it is more important to have one that is well equipped with painkillers, anti-diarrhea medication, cough and cold medications, bandages and others.

Camping is a wonderful experience and can be remarkable in many sites in Rwanda. If you are looking for a spectacular place to camp, rent camping gear or hire a car for self drive ,Contact us now and have them reserved for your forthcoming tour.Send in your rental request to info@rwandacarrentalservices.com.