July 17, 2024

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Do’s And Don’ts While Driving On Rwanda Roads

Rwanda is a well-organized east African country with some of the most beautiful roads in Africa where you will rarely find stagnant traffic jam like in other African countries. Rwanda Transport Development Agency is responsible for the road transport sector working under ministry of infrastructure and this Agency is responsible for all the policies concerning road transport. Note these dos and don’ts while on Rwanda roads such that you are not charged with any traffic offense during your trip.

  • Do not drink and attempt to drive on any Rwanda road at any single time

Whether night or day, in rural areas or major cities make sure you are sober because once you are caught, you may end up in prison that is if you have not yet been knocked down in an accident.

  • Read and respect every traffic sign post you see

Do not undermine any traffic sign for any reason whether you are time bad or no traffic officer is seeing you, be responsible enough and respect whatever traffic sign it is.

  • Do not sit two or more people on a motorcycle

This is regarded dangerous and know that before you move even one kilometer you will be charged with a traffic offense. The motorcycle is licensed to carry only one passenger and the motorcyclists know and respect it so do not be tempted to sit on it more than one person.

  • Always put on a helmet when on a motorcycle

This will always be available as every motorcyclist has a passenger’s helmet, this is for your own safety however it is mandatory and once found without it, you will truly be answerable to the law.

  • Do not liter anything on the road

You may be eating while in your car but do not be tempted at any one moment to throw any eating residue through the car window on to the streets like sweet banana remainings, empty sackets of cookies or biscuits. Your journey may pause there and instead head to courts of law for punishment against the offense

  • Do not bribe traffic officers

In Rwanda, bribing and corruption are highly prohibited so do not do this such that you can either fasten up your processes or cover up for an offense. You will definitely be punished by the law and there are high chances for you to be embarrassed appearing on headlines of several media for the act done.

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